Telangana’s Information Technology department hosts workshop on TikTok

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: In a bid to harness the outreach potential of Tiktok, the Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (ITEC) Department on Monday hosted a workshop for the government public relation officers (PROs) on how to use the social media platform for various government campaigns and initiatives.

Director of Digital Media Konatham Dileep said, “Off late, Tik Tok has become popular among the social media users, and hence the government wanted to conduct a session on its proper and effective usage.”

He further added that the State government has done similar workshops on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Sharechat. “The government entities should find ways to prepare content for these platforms as lakhs of citizens are present there. Local bodies, public utilities, departments like police and those implementing flagship programmes like Haritha Haram are immediate candidates for TikTok usage,” he said.

Nitin Saluja, Director of Public Policy, TikTok India, said, “Success of social campaigns such as Clean India, Skills4All and Edutok are a testimony to the fact that content platforms such as TikTok have the potential to successfully engage users to spread awareness on various social issues. Through these campaigns, TikTok has taken a step towards contributing to societal good and empowering citizens through the power of its technology.”

CM’s PRO Ramesh Hazari, Rachakonda Police Commissioner PRO Dayakar, Cyberabad Police Commissioner Kiran Kumar, Telangana DGP PRO Harsha Bhargavi and PROs from tourism and forest departments as well as the GHMC and the HMWSSB also attended the workshop.